The modest immigration laws of Canada have helped a lot of people settle down happily in different provinces of the country. Among the different categories, Spousal sponsorship is a major component.

For the current scenario, Canada introduced the Immigration Levels Plan 2021-2023 through which they wish to welcome as many as 80,000 new immigrants in a year. However, the plan includes migrating through the Spousal, Partner or Children category, a majority will come in through as Spouse or Partner of a Canadian citizen.

Due to the current corona virus pandemic situation, the entire process has got delayed. Sources however claim that IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) can get the process up and running as soon as the situation is contained.

So, what is that you need to know to successfully immigrate your loved one to Canada? Well in this blog you will find all the necessary information for a successful sponsorship program.
What is the Process?
Permanent residents and citizens of Canada can sponsor their spouse or conjugal partner for permanent resident status.

Approval from IRCC for both the permanent resident and the foreigner is required to go further with the immigration process. A demonstration to the IRCC is required on the relationship between the sponsor and the sponsored person. It has to fall under one of the three categories:

  • Spouse
  • Common-law partner
  • Conjugal partner

It is important to note Canada recognizes and welcomes the same sex-relationship.

Who can be a sponsor?

A sponsor has to be a Canadian citizen, that’s the first rule but here is a list of other criteria that marks the eligibility of a sponsor.

  • At the time of applying, the sponsor has to be at least 18 years of age.
  • Apart from being a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, the individual can be registered in Canada as an India under the Canadian Indian Act.
  • Citizens of Canada who lives abroad needs to demonstrate to the IRCC their plans on residing in Canada once their partner also becomes a permanent resident. The sponsor has to be residing in Canada in order to meet the eligibility criteria.
  • IRCC needs to be demonstrated negative on receiving any social assistance until and unless they have some kind of disability.
  • Financial needs of the sponsored person have to be provided by the sponsor.

Who is eligible to be sponsored?

Just like the sponsor, the sponsored person has to meet the eligibility criteria as well. A person to be sponsored has to be 18 years or older and can fall under any of the three categories.

  • Spouse – When the spouse of the Canadian citizen is legally married to the sponsor, they are eligible to be sponsored.
  • Common-law partner – In case the partner is not married to the sponsor, they have to provide evidence that they are living with the sponsor for at least a period of 12 months consecutively.
  • Conjugal partner – When the partner is not legally married to the sponsor but has been in a relationship for at least one year, IRCC recognizes it as conjugal partners. Reasons for not marrying can be cultural, legal, or religious.

Steps for applying a spousal sponsorship

The first and primary step is ensuring both the applications are submitted to IRCC at the same time. Both the sponsorship application and permanent resident application has to go together.
The following steps include:

  • Finding out whether or not you are eligible to sponsor
  • Get hold of the IRCC’s application package
  • Pay the required fees which include processing fee, right of permanent resident fee, and biometrics fee on the IRCC website
  • Mail both the applications together

Steps to follow after the application is approved

Your work does not end as soon as you receive approval from IRCC. Couples are needed to fulfil certain other responsibilities as well

  • Financial responsibility of the sponsor for at least three years
  • Once you sponsor someone, you are not allowed to sponsor another person for the next five years

All the above process is convenient and is likely to be taken care of easily by anyone. However, if anything goes wrong or you end up failing to meet your timelines, you are risking the application being rejected or delayed.
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