Good news for Canadians and exempt travellers if you are fully vaccinated. If you are arriving from abroad, these new plans on quarantine requirement will have a positive effect on the changing circumstances.

According to the news, the health minister of Canada Patty Hajdu has decided to lift the mandatory 14 days quarantine for travellers already exempted from travel restrictions. You will have to take the second dose of the Covid 19 vaccine within a period of 14 days of your arrival in order to avail these new laws.

The number of cases across the country is declining and looking into these numbers, minister Patty Hajdu has decided to take these measures. The final date is yet to be confirmed but if the cases decline at the same rate, the laws are likely to take effect from “early July”.

The federal government is in talks with the provincial governments and departments of public safety and immigration in order to finalize the date for the changes to take place.

Only the vaccines that are approved in Canada will be accepted for these new laws, Hajdu added. Canada has approved four different vaccines, the Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson and Moderna. The residents and travellers will have to take a dose of either of the above-mentioned vaccines. Patty Hajdu has also added Health Canada will evaluate other vaccines in the coming days.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has introduced new measures and suggested a phased-in approach to reopen the Canadian border. Tourists will be welcomed in a phased way provided they are fully vaccinated before arrival. The numbers of affected are declining in Canada, thus Hajdu has agreed to the new border measures introduced by the prime minister.

Travellers who are looking to enter the province will have to submit a negative PCR COVID test at the border. Along with that, a suitable quarantine plan has to be submitted for the waiting period of the result. If the test results are negative, travellers can get a release in one day.

Since February 2020, Canada has been following a three-day hotel stay quarantine policy to prevent outbreak and contamination. The country went into lockdown in March 2020 and since then there are travel restrictions and mandatory quarantine rules for everyone.

After a steady one year of mandatory restrictions, the Covid 19 Testing and Screening Advisory Panel in May 2021 decided to call an end to the hotel quarantine rules.

Although it was clear from Trudeau that Canada is assessing the situation and are not rushing to take the decision of border reopening, the recent suggestions from the government officials are hinting at easing the border restrictions around the end of June or July 2021. A phased-in approach for allowing cross-border travel is what Trudeau is finalizing on.

The official date or time for reopening the border is yet to be finalized by the government but the recent developments in the discussions are hinting at a date in the near future.