Video or Face-to-face Consultation
During the consultation, we would require all your background details while understanding the current state of your immigration and the predicaments that you are facing. Engaging in a friendly discussion, we will make you comfortable enough to share all your concerns, hurdles and previous experiences. 
Our licensed immigration consultant will assess your situation and details thoroughly while asking you different questions to get a complete grasp on your situation. Once everything is understood, the professional will line up your immigration objective in accordance with your specific situation to deliver perfect and practical solutions.
Eligibility Assessment:
Our professionals will evaluate your specifics to determine the perfect visa program that you are eligible for. You can expect an absolute response from us regarding which visa program is best suited for you or whether your situation requires any extra endeavour. 
Have all your queries regarding eligibility answered:
We encourage you to clear all your queries or scepticism about eligibility in order to proceed with visa application either through our agency or by yourself. Having received all the information clearly from our licensed consultant, you will be able to advance with your application with an even greater possibility for success without any hesitation.


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