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Allegiance Consulting Corp. Directed by a skilled team of experienced lawyers and professionals, our team specialises in providing multi-forte immigration consultancy services.
At Allegiance Consulting Corp, we always aspire to reach the highest mark in terms of the quality of our support and services. Our work does not finish with helping you to acquire approval; we merely proceed to the next stage where we take all the necessary steps to help you settle into good living conditions in Canada.

Robust and Steady Growth

With a robust presence, Allegiance is steadily expanding through North America and Asia with multiple offices in India, Dubai and Canada. Our growing presence allows us to stay true to our commitment to deliver nonpareil service to our clients with utmost efficiency in a timely fashion. In short, no matter where you are from, we are always there to provide assistance.

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Allegiance specialises in offering family sponsorship, permanent residency in Canada, immigration services to Canada, Canadian Citizenship, Express entry to the Experience Class in Canada, PNPs (Provincial Nomination Programs), immigration in Business Class, Quebec skilled workers, helping to get a job in Canada and express entry in Federal Skilled Workers.

Our Team

Our team consists of skilled lawyers, Canadian Immigration consultants, business development managers, entrepreneurs and social workers with years of experience in this field. Having in-depth knowledge of Canadian immigration services and laws, we take the necessary steps and guide the candidates to make the smoothest transition to Canada.
Mrignayan Singh

With over 15 years of experience, Mrignayan Singh is a top-notch creative technical analyst and an ardent business development manager. His eminent expertise is felt as he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and support services. He has created quite the name for himself having worked with different startups and organisations that are now regarded as global leaders in the technology sector. Currently, he has successfully completed his Immigration Consultant Diploma from the CDI college with honours and is a Regulated Immigration Consultant in good standing. 

Mrignayan is truly singular when it comes to helping businesses to achieve outstanding success. He has been fruitfully helping clients to make eminent online and retail ventures while mapping the entire strategies to lead them towards their goals.

A devoted practitioner of yoga, Mrignarayan spend his time discovering his inner self when he is not working. He truly believes that helping humankind is the only way to achieve salvation. So, he partners with different NGOs and humanitarian organisation to foster positive reinforcement.

Dalip S Rawat

Dalip is also a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) who has gained Bachelor of Arts (Public Administration) and Bachelor of Law (LLB) degrees. He has vast experience having worked with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in the Government Of India, the Financial Sector, Big Media Houses and as a skilled entrepreneur. Mr Rawat also graduated with Immigration Consultant Diploma with honours. He is also a standing member of ICCRC (Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council).

Dalip is exceptionally skilled in business consultation and he helps his clientele from across the globe to diversify and grow their business in Canada. Also, he provides immaculate guidance to settle, work and run businesses in Canada. He is focused on helping individuals to pursue higher studies in Canadian universities with special scholarships.

A man with a golden heart, Dalip is always willing to stand by and help the needy. So, in his free time, he collaborates with different NGOs and Canadian Red Cross to provide financial aid and perform other humanitarian works. Dalip is also a nature lover, travel fanatic and passionate swimmer.

Chamkaur Sandhu

A humble, generous, hardworking and honest soul, Mr Chamkaur Sandhu really brings an unwavering positive attitude to the team. Dedicated towards uplifting different communities and different social issues, he is an ardent real estate investor with a golden heart. Chamkaur is a genius when it comes to identifying business opportunities. Therefore, he is able to recognize the ventures with high return possibilities at minimal risk.
Gagan Chadha

A highly accomplished serial entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience, Mr Gagan Chadha has set himself apart as a gifted investor in a wide range of industries. Having built successful companies in real estate, art, film, transportation and immigration sectors, his main focus has always been on providing immaculate services. This stanch mindset has enabled him to fruitfully create high-returning and viable businesses with thriving partnerships. He also has a keen interest in travelling, enjoying delicious foods and spending quality time with friends during his free time.
Romy Chadha

Having unparalleled knowledge in a wide variety of business domains, Romy has proven himself to be an ace entrepreneur with discreet investment strategies. This has helped different businesses to make colossal achievements. With a very simple and realistic approach, he has become a cornerstone of every organisation he has involved with. However, he is a fun-loving and complete family man. He likes to watch cricket and spend time with his dear ones in his leisure hours.
Surabhi Mehta

An adept professional in business development and marketing, Surabhi Mehta acquired distinguished expertise in the immigration sector. She is indeed a true leader with robust team management and communication skills. Besides, she has proven herself to be a seasoned professional over and over. Gifted with creative thinking and a keen eye for details, she is very eloquent in solving problems which makes her a valuable resource to every team or client she partners with. Also, she is an inquisitive learner who ventures to grow in innovative working conditions. A generous soul, she identifies herself as an ardent animal lover who works hard in raising funds for building animal shelter to assist in the welfare of the animals.
Priyank Gupta

Priyank is a certified Canadian Professional Sales Association sales and marketing professional with over 7 years of experience in the industry. He earned his Marketing Management degree from BCIT, a well-known North American institution.
He has worked with worldwide companies throughout his professional career, assisting them in furthering their sales and marketing initiatives within their target markets.
He also has four years of entrepreneurial experience in the hospitality and beverage industry, so he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. He is a quick learner who is constantly thinking outside the box. He is also a problem solver with sound business solutions.
He enjoys being in nature and travelling across the world. He also has a soft spot for animals. His pastimes include hiking and swimming.


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